You’ll be notified of new test opportunities in up to four different ways: 

Via email

We'll send every tester and email as soon as a new test opportunity is up. Make sure to keep your email address up to date. We suggest also checking your spam folder for Userbrain notifications regularly. 

Via the Userbrain Chrome Extension

If you're testing with the Userbrain Chrome Extension we'll add a red notification badge to the icon of the Chrome Extension. You can find the Userbrain icon at the upper right side of your browser window, next to the address bar. 

Via the Userbrain iOS or Android apps

If you're using one of our Userbrain iOS or Android apps, we'll send out push notifications as soon as new tests opportunities are available. Please remember to give permission to our app to give you these notifications!

Additionally, you'll see a notification badge on the Userbrain app icon whenever a test is available.

On your dashboard

If you login to your tester dashboard you can see a count of all available tests in the first box.

You can start the test using either the Userbrain Chrome Extension or the Userbrain iOS app. 

I don't get notifications!

If you don't receive notifications, it is because there are no tests available right now. Available tests are depending on the workload of our clients, and there could be weeks when there are no new testing opportunities for you.