Our system decides if your test meets our quality standards based on this five and other aspects:

  • Did you follow all the given tasks and answer all the questions?
  • Did you think out loud all the time during your test?
  • Is your audio high-quality and are you crystal clear to understand?
  • Did you record the right screen (on Desktop devices)

Who rates me?

Your tests will be automatically rated by our system and manually by our customers who may provide feedback on your test.

Where can I find my rating?

When you log into your account and open the dashboard, you can see your rating on the bottom of the screen:

What can I do to improve my rating?

When you are not satisfied with your user rating, look for messages from us notifying you of problems for one of your recordings. If our customer leaves a bad rating and provides a reason for it, we'll automatically forward it to you.

E.g. When your audio is bad, try to switch to better headphones.