After submitting your qualification test, your test is reviewed by our Quality Review team. As we're checking every video manually, this could take up to 7 business days. All qualification tests are reviewed in the order that they are submitted.

We'll send you an email with our feedback as soon as your video has been reviewed. 

There are 2 possible outcomes after the qualification test review:

You have been accepted
Congratulations! This means you've done an excellent job testing websites and you've just become a member of the Userbrain tester pool. You'll be eligible for paid test opportunities and we'll send you notifications about available tests. 

We've shared feedback for improvement

Don't worry if you're not accepted as a Userbrain tester right away. A member of our staff will provide tailored feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Please make sure to carefully read through the feedback before starting your qualification test again. 

These are most frequent reasons why we need to decline example tests: 

  • Your audio or video recording is not working
  • You are not thinking out loud
  • You are not following the instructions
  • Your test is too short
  • You have pretested the site