№1: Your audio or video recording is not working

We will not pay for tests which either have a non working or bad audio quality. So make sure, to check your sound quality before testing and use an external microphone to record your test. Also please don't test while in crowded, loud places where we can’t hear your voice well.

If you're testing using the Chrome Extension and have multiple microphones installed, make sure you pick the right one when starting a recording.

We will also decline tests which have a non working or disturbed video signal. If you are using multiple monitors, make sure you pick the right one during the start of a test.

№2: You are not following the instructions

Our customers have provided a very specific set of instructions or tasks for every single test. So make sure to follow all the given tasks and answer all the questions they have provided.

You can access the instructions and task anytime by clicking on the Userbrain icon in your taskbar if you're testing with the Chrome Extension or tap on "Show task" in the Userbrain iOS App or Userbrain Android App.

If you're experiencing problems while finishing a task, please just explain why you're not able to complete the task given and move on to the next one.

№3: Your test is too short

Your tests should be around 5 - 20 minutes long. If you've accomplished all the given tasks and answered all the given questions in less than 5 minutes, your test will be approved from us nevertheless. But please make sure you don't rush through the tasks as this behavior will result in a bad rating from our customers and in you getting fewer tests.

№4: You are not thinking out loud 

​You should be talking all the time, ​telling us your thoughts so our customers can understand all the why's behind your clicks. We will not approve tests, when you are not thinking out loud for the whole time of the recording.

If you're having a hard time thinking out loud, here's a list of things you should talk about.

№5: You have pretested the site

​Pretesting means that you've used and familiarized yourself with a site before you're starting the recording of the test. Our customers are looking (and paying) for first-time-experiences, so having someone testing their site who already knows everything about it will not deliver any new insights for them.

If we see you are pre-testing sites, you will not receive any more tests. So please never, ever pretest a site.