• Download and install the Userbrain Android App from the Google Play Store
  • Log In to your account with your Userbrain e-mail and password
  • Give the app permission to send you notifications
  • Give the app permission to Record Screen & Microphone
  • Turn your phone on "Do Not Disturb"


  • Click on the button "Start Your next Test"
  • Find a quiet place, remember to think out loud and to complete all tasks 


Your test will be automatically recorded. Click on "Show Task" to see your task. If you leave the Userbrain Android App your test will be automatically paused. To stop your recording click on "Finish Test" while viewing the last task.

You'll be asked if you want to finish & upload your test or if you want to continue your test. After uploading your test you'll receive a notification e-mail.

Any questions or problems while testing? Please email us at tester@userbrain.com.

Thank yo!
Team Userbrain