How old do I have to be? 

You must be at least 18 years old.

In which country do I have to live in to be a tester? 

Currently, we're looking for native English or German-speaking testers, no matter which country you live in. 

Why do I have to take the qualification test?

We use the qualification tests to make sure that you know how our screen recorder works. 

Checking whether your Mac/PC or iPad/iPhone functions properly are another fundamental parts to ensure on before sending you paid tests. 

Where do I find my qualification test? 

After installing the Userbrain Chrome Extension you'll find a Userbrain icon on the right side of your browser address bar. Click on the icon and log in with your Userbrain account. Then you can start your qualification test. 

How long do I have to record? 

Your tests should be around 5 - 20 minutes long. Please make sure you follow all the given tasks and answer all the questions. 

Am I getting paid for the qualification test?

No, you're not getting paid for the qualification test.

How is my qualification test evaluated?

Before you can upload your recorded qualification test, you'll have to answer a few questions about your recording to make sure your test meets our quality standards (completing all steps, good audio quality, thinking aloud).

After you uploaded your test we'll also check if your testing environment functions properly and that there is both a clean video recording of your interaction and a clear audio.

Furthermore, we'll check if you're expressing your thoughts out loud and follow all the given tasks.

When will I find out whether my qualification test was approved?

It can take up to a week for your results to be reviewed, please just check your email inbox for any news from us.

Can I retake my qualification test?

Yes, you can. During the whole recording process, you have the opportunity to discard your test by clicking on "discard test" after clicking on "show task". After discarding your test you can record a new one from another site. You can "discard your test and retry" right before the final upload as well. 

If your qualification test gets declined, you can also retake your test. 

What happens after my qualification test is approved?

Once that happens, you'll be eligible for paid test opportunities. We'll send you an email confirmation that you're now ready to take paid test opportunities.