How to pause a test on desktop

If you need a short break or get interrupted you can always pause your test by clicking on "pause recording" while viewing the task. 

How to pause a test on IOS

If you leave the Userbrain App, your recording will be paused automatically. If you come back, you can resume your test. 

How to discard a test on Desktop

If you want to discard your test, you can do this while recording by clicking on "discard test". When doing your qualification test you're able to record a new qualification test from another website, here you can also discard and retry your test before the final upload.

When you discard a paid test, you won't be paid for it or be able to retake it because it's important that you haven't seen the site before testing.

How to discard a test on iOS or Android

You can discard your test when testing on your device by clicking on "discard test" while viewing your task.